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The purpose of NaughtyAds lays homage to the biology inherent in the very soil of South Africa itself. The world as we know it is divided into six floral kingdoms. All of these kingdoms – with the exception of one – swallow several countries, and in some cases, even several continents. The Cape Floral Kingdom, appraising the entirety of South Africa itself, contains approximately 9,600 known plant species – 70% of which are unable to be found anywhere else in the world and home to 10% of all the known species of plants on Earth.

Some would say the same can be said of the exquisite specimen of human that has emerged from the rich land. NaughtyAds is a directory of species. Those immaculate, that one-of-a-kind. Its biodiversity seeps from its roots to its very infrastructure. With escorts available in 25 cities, agencies home to 8, massage parlors in 6, strip clubs taking 15, and adult shops bustling in 13, there is no shortage of opportunity no matter the province.

Gorgeous and expertly skilled, the beautiful escorts on offer through the NaughtyAds online directory are the perfect companions, no matter what you decide to get up to during your stay in South Africa. These attractive girls are carefully selected, well-trained and poised, making them the ideal companion to accompany you on a night out clubbing, a quiet and intimate walk on the beach or to that important and posh business dinner. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that these escorts are driven by customer satisfaction and know how to give you a sumptuous and sexy time in the bedroom that you’ll not soon forget.

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Hazel, Escort in Cape Town

Cape Town
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Cape Town
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Cape Town
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Cape Town
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