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NaughtyAds, while not an expert in biology, is an expert in that which provides the suburbs with just as much allure: Wynberg escorts eager to provide for you companionship which oftentimes proves more intoxicating than the sight of Wynberg's finest memorials to those here before us.

Known for its deep, historical roots, Wynberg, Constantia Valley is a southern suburb belonging to the City of Cape Town. A common tourist's lure, the Old Wynberg Village has been declared an urban conservation area home to one of the largest collections of properties with historic value in a declared conservation area around Cape Town, if not all of South America. While the cottages have succumbed to modern day and are commercially owned, the spirit in centuries of a rich past thrives still.

The charm of Wynberg tapers in and out depending on where one ventures. A variety of paths and walkways have been constructed to walk throughout the older areas of the suburb, while other parts are more conventional and modernized. A second-hand CD shop and a few other local businesses hold shop around the area.

It was in the area of Wynberg during the 1830's that an eager Charles Darwin was introduced to Herschel, providing the catalyst for giant strides in his later work.

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