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Settled on the Eastern outskirts of the well-renowned Johannesburg is the city of Springs. Established in 1904, the town originally began as a farm that quickly gave way to the manufacturing industry after the discovery of coal. While the mines closed shortly after Witbank provided a more viable source, Springs was not so easy to deter its worth. By the late 1930s, gold became a worthy venture that produced eight gold mines – making the city and its surroundings the largest single gold yielding area known the world.

While its name is derived from a variety of natural springs, these are not what attract its growth. What Springs is unable to offer as a tourist destination it makes up for in being heralded as one of the major industrial centres of South Africa. An economic hub nestled in the diversity of Gauteng's province, Springs' booming business infrastructure is an impressive foray which continues to expand.

Not to be taken for granted are Springs' cultural contributions -- the PAM Brink Stadium, the East Rand Stereo media centre, the Blesbokspruit Wetland Reserve, and the second largest collection of small scale Art Deco buildings in the world (second only to Miami, FL).

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