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The Rivonia Square shopping centre and well renowned Browns Restaurant (hosting one of the finest wine cellars in the country) keep residents and tourists alike busy and well fed. Our Rivonia escort directory aims to provide direction for safely browsing companions who call this eclectic town their own.

Native to the Sandton area of Johannesburg, Gauteng, Rivonia is considered one of the most affluent business and residential areas known to the city. Admired as a prime location for startup IT companies, the modest suburbs offer the perfect assets necessary for coalescing ideas into the vision that drives it to success. Big name corporations are under the same impression, considering Hewlett-Packard's main Southern Africa headquarters and the registered office of Fujitsu call the town home.

Native to Rivonia is also a taste of the history it took to make South Africa what it is today. The Liliesleaf Farm present in the town was where those accused in the 1964 Rivonia Trial were arrested. Ten leaders associated with the African National Congress utilized the farm as hideout -- including Nelson Mandela, who masqueraded as a cook and gardener in order to evade police.

Aside from its unique past, Rivonia is also home to a rich commerce variety.

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