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Our Randburg escort directory hosts a variety of companions familiar to the area and dedicated to providing exceptional service.

Hosting a demographic that tends to prove more affluent than a majority of Johannesburg residents, Randburg is an amalgamation of 32 suburbs northwest of Jo'burg. Founded in 1959, the town has grown to hold over 300,000 residents and continues to be a stronghold for a booming economy those local and tourists alike are eager to be a part of. Randburg is well known for its lavish estates and wide variety injected into its abundance of boutiques and shopping centres.

While its central business district fell on hard times during the early 1990s, the Johannesburg municipality has devised plans to revive the area and continue the healthy competition between Randburg and Sandton, a prominent business centre. Home to the head offices of Multichoice and Strijdom Park, a well developed commercial and light industrial area which services all of northern Jo'burg, Randburg continues to offer exponential value to residents and businesses alike.

The city also boasts the refurbishment of the Brightwater Commons, one of the most well known entertainment centres local to the Johannesburg area. Featuring a wide selection of restaurants, a large cinema complex, and specialty stores, this is an ideal place to delve into the heart of the town.

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