You might be starting out fresh, already part of the industry, or a seasoned veteran. The ONLY way to get ahead in this industry, and live the lavish ‘money-focused’ lifestyle is to set yourself up to work independently.

Follow the simple steps below to create a profile, and activate it.

1. Sign up

Sign up to NaughtyAds as an ‘independent professional’.

View instructions here.

To sign-up now, click the button below.

STEP 1: Sign Up

2. Verify email

You will receive an email in your inbox (perhaps also check your Junk folder) with a unique activation link.

To activate your user account, you’ll have to click the link provided. View a screenshot.

If you’re having problems, click here for help with manual activation.

3. Login to dashboard

You can login using your username or your email.

View instructions here.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you may use the Forgot Password link provided.

STEP 3: Login to Dashboard

4. Create a Profile

There are four parts to this section.

Part 1: About You

Fill in all of the fields, especially the ones with the red * (they are required fields).

Once you have completed this part, click ‘SAVE & Continue to Upload Photos’ to get more options.

Part 2: Your Photo Album

Upload the photos you’d like to display, publicly & privately.

Part 3: Your Rates

Set your donations.

Part 4: Your Availabilities

Set your availability.

A NaughtyAds account manager can help create your profile for you. Click here if you need help creating your profile.

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edit profile

5. Activate your Profile

5.1 Select Advertising

Currently we have 2x available advertising options. View our rates here.

5.2 How to make a Payment

Login to view payment instructions.

5.3 Send Proof of Payment

Once you’ve made payment, please email us Proof-of-Payment so we can easily identify it.

Click below to email proof of payment now.

STEP 5: Send Proof of Payment