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Are you an adventurous, outgoing, & confident? Do you love going out, social events, & meeting new people?

Work as an escort in SOUTH AFRICA & OVERSEAS.

–Agency / Independent

–Travel SA & Overseas

–Flexible working hours

–Discretion is KEY

–You'll be spoiled!


Lavish Lifestyle!

If this sounds like it could be you
and you're 18 yrs or older
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If you’re outgoing, have a PC with a webcam, and love to show off your sexy side, then you're ready to get started.

Work as a webcam model from YOUR BEDROOM.

–Work as you want

–From your own bedroom

–Control who you interact with

–Need a PC & a webcam

–Remain 100% anonymous

Earn up to R1,000 AN HOUR being yourself

Be yourself & earn

If this sounds like it could be you
and you're 18 yrs or older
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We can offer you all of the connections that you’ll need in order to get offers from the industry immediately.

Work as an adult film star on THE BLUESCREEN.

–The Biggest Industry

–Travel the World

–The Sex is Great

–You'll be Famous

–Money is GREAT

Earn up to R15,000 PER DAY

Become Famous

If this sounds like it could be you
and you're 18 yrs or older
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NaughtyAds is well known for their classy, well groomed escorts, who have built a positive reputation for being the perfect date when you need company. Whether you need to provide company to a business man to a dinner function, or provide professional Aromatherapy Stress and Tension massage, your unique abilities to add a little adventure and fun to someone is all part of the profile. Our goal is to present the best independent escorts, upmarket female companions, courtesans, adult services and erotic sensual massage in South Africa. Our distinguish clientele realize it's not the price of things but the quality that matters. Discretion, honesty, beauty, integrity, personal attention and respect is what we are looking for as the perfect female companion for our clients. Interested in an exclusive arrangement and an exquisite companion? Why not join our team at NaughtyAds. We are looking for ladies of a high calibre with very feminine qualities, exuding elegance, sophistication, intelligence, graciousness and warmth yet light-hearted, spontaneous, sensual, naughty and playful. Beautiful ladies with the ability to use innovative, as some of our clients are demanding and some are a little shy. You may have to be assertive at times, but the rewarding benefits of providing the perfect girlfriend experience is more rewarding than you think. The more you put into your work, the better the benefits you will receive, as well as building a client base and provide High class courtesan tailored to the needs of select gents.

NaughtyAds are looking for outgoing, adventurous personalities, who can provide our clients the perfect companion for a business trip or an exotic getaway to a local destination, I would offer the ultimate companionship (with a bit of imagination). Our ladies must also be available to attend special functions as a partner, where you will have to be appropriately attired and focus only on your client / date, with discretion. Have fun being beautiful and enjoying the benefits of the lavish lifestyle. Be wined and dined and reap the rewards of being the perfect companion. Contact NaughtyAds for opportunities of a lifetime, and all the assistance you need to get started.

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We are currently recruiting Webcam Models for NaughtyAds. You can begin to make money right away. Being a Webcam Model is one of the few jobs where you can make great money working from the comfort of your own home while having fun! Webcam Modeling is 100% safe and secure and we can block any country or state that you will need blocked to assure your complete privacy. We will place you on the largest and busiest Webcam chat network and Affiliate Sites where you could make over loads of extra money per day! This is possible because of our high end paying members and long and frequent member paid shows and tips. Our models need to be confident and show a vibrant personality. Dress up or dress down, be spontaneous or subtle, the choice is yours. Get a feel of your client’s personality and needs, and work with the fantasy on the other end of the screen, and have a little fun.

Whether you're a stay at home mom, a student, or just someone tired of working long hours on a 9 to 5 job getting terribly bored and underpaid, NaughtyAds would LOVE to help you make a difference in your life. We go out of our way to accommodate you. Working from home has never been easier, you will have flexi hours, and you can make the rules, especially if you have viewing clients who like to be dominated. Be part of a broadcasting system to entertain customers over Live Video Chat. Talk, dance or get freaky! Have fun being behind the webcam, to risk to you at all. What you do is up to you as long as it falls within our rules. Work from home anywhere in South Africa! Take this chance like thousands other girls and earn big money!

Have you ever dreamed about working flexible hours from the comfort of your own home or dorm and making LOTS of money online? Here is your chance! If you feel you fit the criteria, if you love modelling and have a little wild sexy streak inside you, call NaughtyAds today and sign up for an exciting career in Webcam Modelling.

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Adult films are movies that everybody enjoys watching, though these are not quite videos to watch with elders at home. Adult films featuring adult movie stars bear a symbol of prohibition and that’s what makes them more exciting and demanding. If you have watched those films you are aware of their irresistible appeal. But have you ever thought of working in such adult films? Have you considered in performing as an adult star. If you are hot, sexy and have a great personality, you could well be part of such films and become a star. Finding it interesting? Then contact NaughtyAds today!

To grab such an exciting job, you need to have a few things. Since it is about filming, being attractive and outgoing, hot physical are key features that may be beneficial for your role. You need to present yourself in front of the camera in such a way that people who watch adult films get excited. It could be explicit scenes or PG18 clips where you would have to give true expressions. If you are okay with that you have got a job in hand.

NaughtyAds is an adult entertainment agency that offers different types of adult film jobs to models. This South African based company is an agency which you can approach without any hesitation, since it doesn’t misuse the acting talent and valued physical properties of its models. Models that get adult film jobs here are put in projects that they are comfortable in doing. To ensure that stars feel free while performing, the agency provides a very professional environment. Before being filmed, models are taken care of by hairdressers and make-up artists, who put their best effort to enhance your beauty. If needed, you can also spend some time at the luxurious spa and relax for some time.

So, if you are bold enough then put an end to watching adult films and instead be part of such films. Be a star of a different kind and twinkle in a sky that very few dare to look at. With NaughtyAds you can make your acting dreams a reality.

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