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NaughtyAds mission is to make accessible the information you need in order to explore Germiston's escorts safely, securely, and with no hassle. A city providing the comfort of world class restaurants, large shopping malls, and lively entertainment only minutes outside city lines, Germiston is home to a rich historical presence that provides the opportunity to relax, enjoy the prosperous town, and maybe even hit the sporting facilities come morning.

Beating as the heart of the Rand goldmines is Germiston, East Rand, a city quite literally built on the local discovery of gold in 1886. With 70% of the entire western world's gold passing through the Rand Refinery Limited, it is no wonder this town holds the record for the world's largest gold refinery. Considered one of the most heavily industrialized areas of South America, Germiston has continued to grow throughout the decades – a genuine diamond in the rough that found the big bucks.

With all the large mounds of gold traveling around, it is no wonder Germiston takes transportation seriously. This city is home to the largest railway junction in all of South Africa and Rand Airport, once the busiest civil airport throughout the country. The phenomenal industrial growth and development, housing over 700 factories total, does not take from its charm.

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