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Born as a suburb to Benoni before becoming independent with its own town status in 1912, Brakpan is a city in the Gauteng province of South Africa with a character all its own. Home to a non-perennial lake that has a tendency to annually dry up, British inhabitants to the area in the 1880s took to referring to it afterwards as "brackish pan."

Over a century of time passing may not mean much change for the climate, but the same cannot stand for its residents. With a minimum legal drinking age of 31 and rumor of a Brakpan Lottery worth R3 million (approximately $450,000 or €350,000), no one can say there is a shortage of unique personality inherent to this mining town.

Recent business development has given the tinned roof suburbs opportunity to find their foot to flourish. A casino complex affectionately referred to as "Carnival City" is a local favorite to explore the less conservative sides of the town.

Our purpose at NaughtyAds is to provide a safe portal for your browsing pleasure. With an estimated amount of 350,000 inhabitants, Brakpan's mystique does not have to mirror the length of its highest mine dump (at that time the largest in the world with a height of 390 feet above ground level – higher than any of the pyramids of Egypt except for one).

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