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Sex is a basic human right. So are water and electricity. We pay for those, so why not sex? Having sex on a regular basis is important to keep the body rejuvenated and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Who has the time or energy for relationships in today’s frenzied corporate world? Of course manners are important; remember that while sex may be a right, enlisting the services of an escort is a privilege. You are paying for a professional service and asking someone to make their body vulnerable to you. If you’re into sick abusive shit, do it alone at home. Some agencies have a ‘no-under-30 rule’ to keep the Rippers out. If you can play by the rules give the sexy ladies of the night a call and let them fuck those worries away.

Treat your Escort with Respect

In South Africa, the sale of sex is illegal:

Any person who has unlawful carnal intercourse or commits an act of indecency with any other person for reward, is guilty of an offence.

Section 20(1)(aA) of the SOA

Further, this is a country rife with STDs. So no glove, no love people. Even if bareback is your preference, try to be vigilant.

When you engage with an escort it is important to be aware of the etiquette you follow to protect your safety and hers.


Each escort may have his/her own set of rules. It’s a good idea to check your escort’s website before meeting up to see what the rules are.

First thing’s first. Adjust your attitude, an escort is a person, not a sock to jack off into and toss away.

When choosing an escort or agency, be sure to do your research. In general, what you are looking for is illegal so err on the side of caution. Read up on the different agencies or ladies on their websites and blogs and see if they have what you’re looking for. Read the customer reviews and look up any other online comments regarding your choice. Do not message the escort and ask her for extra photos of herself or some showing her face, the ones on the website are the ones she is willing to share with you. Conversely, do not spam your escort with naked photos of yourself. She will see soon enough. You do of course get false advertising in the escort biz, and many agencies lie about the girls they have. This is why it’s a good idea to check out the escort’s personal blog as well.

Make sure when contacting the agency to use the right vocabulary. Do not just call in and ask for a BDSM threesome with a condom. In fact do not mention sex at all, unless it is already mentioned explicitly on the escort’s website. Even then, do not expect a bout of scintillating phone sex while booking.

Be prepared to be screened for blacklisting

If you have a history of practicing cage fighting on your escorts, chances are they will tell you to f#&k off. Being screened is normal and necessary so don’t get offended when it happens.

Tipping is optional, but much appreciated, especially by agency girls as agency take a chunk from their earnings. Most escorts will appreciate their tips as cash or gift cards. Some specify what form their tips will take on their websites or request that you donate to charity.

Dress smart casual, as if for a first date, unless you have come to some prior agreement or are attending some kind of function. Bunny suit, tuxedo, assless chaps, whatever. In your escort’s case, she will likely ask you what you would like her to be wearing. You can be specific if you have certain fantasies, but don’t tell her to dress slutty or skanky. If you have no real preference, don’t blurt out something idiotic because of nerves, just ask her to wear whatever she feels comfortable and sexy in.

Don’t be a cheap c#&t & try to negotiate your fee

It’s a sure-fire way to turn off your escort. You will get punched in the balls and blacklisted. All escorts are a luxury, not a necessity.

Be on time for your appointment. Escorts are professionals with schedules. Respect that.

Before things get wet and wild, make sure to discuss what you want and what your escort is prepared to go along with. In most cases this will be sorted out between the two of you over phone or email prior to the appointment. Do not try to offer her extra money to convince her to do something that is ‘off the menu’. Escorts hate it. They will try to accommodate your wishes, but there are limits.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Brush those teeth and gargle beforehand and avoid eating anything that’ll make your breathe pongy. Next, hit the shower and wash that junk. If you’re pressed for time and can’t shower, at least rinse those teabags the bathroom sink or have a quick douche. In general though, the room or hotel you book will have amenities to clean up with. If your escort is meeting you at home, please make sure there are amenities for her to use. Many escorts insist that their clients wash up. Don’t get offended by the fact that your escort might not want your sweaty balls and smegma crusted cock in her face. Just as you would not want to fuck a woman who stinks of sweat and has someone else’s crusted cum running down her thigh.

Fair is fair, no?

Don’t get wasted before your session

Your escort will most likely turn around and leave; it’s not her job to hold you over the toilet. This is not to say that booze and drugs are necessarily prohibited, but ask your escort what her preferences are. Some escorts will not see smokers or request that smokers avoid doing so during their appointment.

Don’t invite other people to your appointments

No surprise orgies or three ways or video tapes. It doesn’t matter if the extra person is your trustworthy best friend, or your estranged son over on a visitation weekend, stick to the rules.

Don’t ask your escort to bring you drugs or for a drug hook-up. They will put the phone down.

When she comes through the door, don’t just rip those trousers off. Be a gentleman and follow her lead. She might want to confirm your ID first, look you in the face and maybe chat a bit. Offer a drink, even if it’s just water, and don’t open it, let her open it herself so she knows she isn’t being drugged. Don’t be rude and rummage through her stuff when she’s not looking.

Don’t ask stupid questions who have no right to know the answer to, such as: What is your real name? Are you a cop? Do you have a boyfriend?

When you see a new escort that you have never been with before, be prepared that you might not be easily sexually compatible with each other. This is nobody’s fault, sometimes people just don’t click. Be chilled, like any one nighter, you’ll get someone different next time. If you do have a shit time or it she chooses not to see you again, leave it at that. Do not go trolling her site and calling to harass her. She just doesn’t want to see you. Move on. If you have a real gripe, like she gives you crabs, send her a private email/message, write a review on her site or speak to the agency.

Make an effort to be a good companion

It’s okay to be depressed or moody, but remember it takes two to tango. Being comfortable and in good spirits will make your escort’s job easier and ensure a better time overall.

Don’t stick your fingers where they don’t belong. Some escorts aren’t okay with kissing or being fingered by clients. Ask first.

If you are lucky, you will meet an escort with whom you have a good report; that you will want to see more than once. Such relationships are the best for both client and escort and can be long-lasting as trust and comfort develop. Keep in mind, however, that however much fun she has seeing you, for her this is a job and she is not looking for a romantic relationship with you.

Finally, discretion, Discretion, DISCRETION.

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