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Since its establishment as a fort in 1846, Bloemfontein, South Africa continues to bootstrap itself into the forefront of the country's envy. In Afrikaans and Dutch, Bloemfontein translates as "fountain of flowers." The locals adapted a more specific nickname, affectionately and appropriately referring to the home of nearly 400,000 residents as City of Roses. This is in thanks to the abundance of thick bushes and the annual rose festival held in town.

Wafts of rosebuds around every corner, it's no wonder citizens and tourists alike are familiar with the term "stopping to smell the roses." Despite the size and consistent, exponential economic growth around the area, locals pride Bloemfontein as a serene oasis not too concerned with the bustling lifestyle that often develops when a city prospers such as this one has. Popular attractions include Naval Hill, Orchid House, the Oliewenhuis Art Gallery, a variety of sports and recreation, and the local shops.

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