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With NaughtyAds you can enjoy the opportunity to take pleasure in finding the perfect sexy services and professional, sumptuous escorts in South Africa that will satisfy and spoil your senses, allowing you to enjoy all the diverse and sultry flavours this entertaining country has to offer.



Browse through our online directory of classy companions, perhaps just to attend a business function, a fun night out, or perhaps more…

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Male Escorts

Want to spend some time with a young stud, muscular and athletic, a gentleman who is not only refined but also has a lot of stamina…

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Escort Agencies

Indulge yourself in provocative and seductive adult entertainment. These are the most discreet and private escort agencies…

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There are a variety of luxurious adult service and sexy escort agencies throughout South Africa that are eager to provide entertainment, and that wish to satisfy your need for lavish and intimate indulgences.

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Adult Companionship

Finding adult companionship without a little guidance can expose you to exploitation. With NaughtyAds’ online listings this won’t be a problem, as it has been fastidiously developed to allow you to find exactly what you are looking for to satisfy your desires for adult entertainment and companionship. Organised by city, you can easily browse through the variety of professional escort agencies and sexy adult services on offer throughout the country, and easily find exactly what you want in a risk-free way.

Indulge your Senses & Pleasures

NaughtyAds contains all the information you need to find the perfect luxurious services and sultry companionship to indulge your senses and pleasures, and to give you the ultimate satisfaction that you desire. You will find a collection of agencies and adult businesses listed under each city, giving you an in-depth explanation about the agency, and the variety of sumptuous services that they provide, so you will know exactly what to expect and can to find the perfect escort to suit your desires and needs.

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